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PPR Pipe, Water Supply Plastic Piping System use

PPR pipe:
PPR pipes are known for their outstanding performance in terms of toughness, strength and workability. This type of piping will maintain its structural integrity in high temperature environments, nor will it easily corrode or scale. Each pipe is also easy to install and repair.

PPR pipe applications:
1. Hot & cold water piping systems for buildings, drinking-water supply piping, high purity water piping system
2. Hydraulic works for industrial water and liquid chemicals
3. Beverage pipeline, drug delivery system
3. Compressed air piping, watering system for agriculture

Installment procedure:
Installation preparation- Pre-fabrication - main pipe installation - riser pipe installation - reducing socket installation - pipeline testing - pipe cleaning - inner wall sterilizing

PPR pipe parameters:
Product Description Size
Hot water
Length: 3 or 4 meters per piece S3.2PN=2.0 S2.5PN=2.5
Standard: CE, ISO9001,ISO14001:2004 20*2.8 20*3.4
Dimensions: Dn20 - Dn110mm 25*3.5 25*4.2
Pressure grade: PN 12.5,16,20,25 Bar 32*4.4 32*5.4
Temperature: -40 ~ +95°C 40*5.5 40*6.7
Colors: White, green or customized 50*6.9 50*8.3
Connection: Welding 63*8.6 63*10.5
Technology: Hot welding machine 75*10.3 75*12.3
OEM: Available 90*12.3 90*15.0
110*15.1 110*18.3
Product Description Size
Material: PP-R, Korea Hyosung PP-R Cold water
Length: 3 or 4 meters per piece S5PN=1.25 S4PN=1.6
Standard: CE, ISO9001,ISO14001:2004 20*2.0 20*2.3
Dimensions: Dn20 - Dn110mm 25*2.3 25*2.8
Pressure grade: PN 12.5,16,20,25 Bar 32*2.9 32*3.6
Temperature: -40 ~ +95°C 40*3.7 40*4.5
Colors: White, green or customized 50*4.6 50*5.6
Connection: Welding 63*5.8 63*7.1
Technology: Hot welding machine 75*6.8 75*8.4
OEM: Available 90*8.2 90*10.1
Application: Hot and cold water 110*10.0 110*12.3

1. Sanitary and non-toxic: Our PPR pipes are eco-friendly, and can easily be used in high purity water piping systems and drinking water supply piping systems.

2. Corrosion resistant and no scaling: There will be no rust stains in bathtubs or sinks caused by a rusty pipe, and no clogging in the pipe due to pipe scaling.

3. Heat preservation: PPR pipes feature a small thermal conductivity of -0.21w/mk, which is one in two hundred of steel pipes.

4. Light-weight: PPR pipe density is roughly 0.90g/cm3, with a weight that is only 1/9 that of a steel pipe, and 1/10 that of a copper pipe, thus significantly lowering the work intensity.

5. Good thermal resistance: The Vicat softening temperature (VST) for PPR pipe is 131.5℃. With a maximum operating temperature of 95℃, these pipes meet requirements for hot water systems in water supply and drainage systems designed for buildings.

6. Long service life: Fenghe's PPR pipe (S3.2 series, S2.5 series or above) has a service life of more than 50 years when its working temperature is 70℃ and operating pressure is 1.0Mpa. If working at room temperature, (20℃), it's service life can reach upwards of 100 years.

7. Easy installation and safe connection: PPR pipe has a great welding performance. Plastic pipes can be connected to the pipe fittings using heat fusion or electrofusion.

8. Recyclable: After washing and crushing, PPR pipe wastes can be recycled and reused for new pipe and pipe fitting fabrication. Waste usage is strictly controlled, allowing for no more than 10% waste to ensure the pipe quality is the absolute best.

Recommended product/special designed product
PPR pipe and PPR pipe fitting fabrication: Fenghe utilizes high quality PPR material and advanced equipment imported from other countries in the production of top quality PPR pipes and fittings. We also have expert staff for the design of PPR pipes and fitting, ensuring that all details are properly covered. By doing so, we can guarantee all links to a pipeline system are safe and reliable, preventing water leaks, seepage, pipe bursts or other problems. Due to each of these key points, our PPR pipes and pipe fittings are extremely popular on both domestic and international markets.