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Drinking Water Supply System

Transporting clean drinking water requires proper piping from source to consumer. Drinking water is typically treated by multiple water purification processes and the supply system needs to be sanitary enough to guarantee the final water quality and safety. For example, a galvanized steel pipe may rust and add heavy metals to the water, thus posing a health risk to consumers. Only pipes that conform to sanitary standards in material selection, processing, and subsequent installation can truly solve issues with secondary pollution.

What Fenghe supplies?
(PPR Pipe and Fittings, valves)

Fenghe can offer complete PPR plastic piping systems as long-term solutions for drinking water supply. PPR has high density and smooth inner wall, helping to prevent water loss and to protect the water from external pollution. PPR pipe fittings also adopt PPR material, allowing for direct connection by hot fusion, which is very convenient and secure. The joint will have higher strength than the pipe itself.

1. Drinking Water Supply System Plastic Pipe (PPR Pipe)
Drinking Water Supply System
PPR pipe

As for the transportation of drinking water, we recommend the using temperature resistant, sanitary and eco-friendly PPR pipe. It has a smooth inner wall, which will not degrade over time. Therefore, it satisfies the requirements of drinking water in regards to hygiene, safety and health.
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Drinking Water Supply System
Antibacterial PPR pipe

Fenghe provides antibacterial PPR pipes for customers with high requirements around water health. During the production of PPR pipes, nano-silver antibacterial agent is added in the raw materials to effectively suppress the breeding of bacteria.
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2.Drinking Water Supply System Pipe Fittings

Drinking water supply system pipe fittings are self-designed by Fenghe, equipped with ribbing decoration and an end cap. The end cap is helpful to avoid the exposure of molten matter that may affect the appearance. While the ribbing can not only enhance the strength of the pipe fittings, but assist operators in judging whether the connection is vertical during the installation. We are focused on each detail of the PPR pipe fitting from quality to appearance, making up the imperfections of traditional PPR pipe fittings in single outline and rough processing.


Zhejiang Universal Fenghe Plastic Industry Co. is a trustworthy producer of high-performance plastic pipe products. Plastic pipes are used for many water and gas supply systems due to the stable and non-reactive properties of the materials we use in their production. We are a comprehensive supplier, offering piping solutions for everything from residential plumbing systems all the way to heavy-duty industrial pipelines. No matter what you are looking for, Fenghe has the high-quality products to meet all your requirements.

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