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Industrial Water Supply System

Industrial sectors like food and chemical processing facilities may have very high requirements on water quality, which determines the quality of the finial products. In order to make sure that the water is clean and sterile, other than water treatment and filtration systems, it is also necessary to prevent the possible pollution during the whole transportation process.

Aimed at this problem, Fenghe can supply completely clean and sterile plastic pipes to give enough strength, durability and safety for water supply piping system in various production plants. These quality plastic pipe will not produce any bacteria or scale, as well as preventing external pollution. Thus, clean and sterile water is ensured. Besides, we can offer antibacterial PPR pipe, high temperature resisting PB pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe with oxygen and light resistance to satisfy more harsh requirements.

Zhejiang Universal Fenghe Plastic Industry Co. is a trustworthy producer of high-performance plastic pipe products. Plastic pipes are used for many water and gas supply systems due to the stable and non-reactive properties of the materials we use in their production. We are a comprehensive supplier, offering piping solutions for everything from residential plumbing systems all the way to heavy-duty industrial pipelines. No matter what you are looking for, Fenghe has the high-quality products to meet all your requirements.

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