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Municipal Water Supply System

Municipal water supply system are large-scale installations that need to operate with reliability over the long-term to provide many users with water. One of the largest issues to be addressed with municipal water supply systems is that any leakage in the pipeline can lead to a non-negligible waste of water. If the water supply system is extremely aged, then the leakage can lead to more serious leaks in the future. This directly increases the cost burden of the water supply and even affects the supply of safe water.

Fenghe offers highly reliable plastic pipes and pipe fittings as long-term solutions for municipal water supply systems. This includes PPR pipe, PB pipe and aluminum plastic pipe, sharing common advantages of outstanding durability and aging resistance. If used at room temperature, the life span of such plastic pipes can reach up to 100 years. In addition, plastic pipes and pipe fittings are usually made by the same materials, and they are connected by hot melting or electric melting. Such connection modes enable higher strength in the joint without gaps, almost completely eliminating risk of leakage. Our plastic pipe system operates quietly and constantly where you cannot see to reduce any unnecessary maintenance operations for you.

Zhejiang Universal Fenghe Plastic Industry Co. is a trustworthy producer of high-performance plastic pipe products. Plastic pipes are used for many water and gas supply systems due to the stable and non-reactive properties of the materials we use in their production. We are a comprehensive supplier, offering piping solutions for everything from residential plumbing systems all the way to heavy-duty industrial pipelines. No matter what you are looking for, Fenghe has the high-quality products to meet all your requirements.

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