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Residential Water Supply System

The selection of water supply pipes in residential construction projects is highly influential over the construction costs and long-term experience of residents. Residential water supply systems are typically tasked with several functions including hot water supply, cold water supply, and potable water supply. To ensure the complete water supply system is more economic and reasonable, it is essential to consider the features of the pipes and that they meet the functional requirements, their installation is flexible and simple, and that the system will work for a long time.

Fenghe has been providing almost all kinds of water supply system pipe for various residences since 2003. Our PPR pipe and PB pipe can be directly applied to indoor cold water pipelines. The PEX-AL-PEX and PAP5 series pipes can easily take on the task of hot water transportation. We can also supply antibacterial PPR pipes specially designed for delivering drinkable water. We are also able to independently manufacture and provide various plastic pipe fittings, brass pipe fittings, valve and other accessories for the reliable connection of these pipes. Once you select the right pipe type, it may mean that your users are free of the troubles of water seepage or pipe breakage in the next decade or even decades.

Zhejiang Universal Fenghe Plastic Industry Co. is a trustworthy producer of high-performance plastic pipe products. Plastic pipes are used for many water and gas supply systems due to the stable and non-reactive properties of the materials we use in their production. We are a comprehensive supplier, offering piping solutions for everything from residential plumbing systems all the way to heavy-duty industrial pipelines. No matter what you are looking for, Fenghe has the high-quality products to meet all your requirements.

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