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Fenghe has been dedicated to the production of plastic pipes and pipe fittings since 2003. Over the years, we have helped worldwide customers to build numerous different types of water supply pipeline projects for residential, commercial, municipal, hospital, and industrial applications. If you are looking for reliable products for your water supply pipeline project, feel free to contact us. We can supply many different series of pipes and pipe fittings to meet your special demands and ensure timely delivery.

Zhejiang Universal Fenghe Plastic Industry Co. is a trustworthy producer of high-performance plastic pipe products. Plastic pipes are used for many water and gas supply systems due to the stable and non-reactive properties of the materials we use in their production. We are a comprehensive supplier, offering piping solutions for everything from residential plumbing systems all the way to heavy-duty industrial pipelines. No matter what you are looking for, Fenghe has the high-quality products to meet all your requirements.

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